Dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of 1964-88 Chevelles, 1962-69 Beaumonts, 1959-88 El Caminos, and 1970-88 GMC Sprints. CanAm Chevelle Club was launched on October 29, 2001. Current Membership - 72 (Canadian - 42, American - 30). If you have an interest in these classics, and live in the Eastern Great Lakes area, we would be pleased to have you as a member.

A lot of our club intentions are noted in the "About Us" link on our Home Page. We shall try to keep this website updated with everything that may be going on, but we will also be sending out a regular newsletter. Dues are $15 (CDN or U.S.) for a 12 month membership.

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Club Charter

Thank you for your interest !