CanAm Club Meeting Minutes

* Gary called the meeting to order:
* Thanked Rod for all his hard work the past 10 years as treasurer and secretary. Rod will be resigning from his position.
* These 2 positions will be separated so they are more manageable.
* Shaun Warwick is the new treasurer.
* Dave Rose is in charge of membership.
* Duke,Gene and Gary met with the new hotel staff and have booked July 11th and 12th 2014 for the 11th Northern Chevelle Gathering.
* We again will have a block of rooms at $104 a night, slightly up but still a good deal.
* Duke has resigned as Grand Island show chair but will continue to help along with many others-we need someone to fill this position.
* Blues Band Friday night was well received-club paid half and the hotel paid half, this will be an event for next year also.
* Gary personally thanked Jason for all his work on the website and must remember we are
* The 7th CanAm show is a go in Tillsonburg,Ontario September 7th
* This will be the last year at this location-looking to move to a bigger venue near London and have it a 2 day event-more to follow-keep checking the website for information.
* Barb wanted to thank all those who help volunteer at the show-without them there would be no show. She also mentioned about clothing that was for sale at the show.
* Gary asked for someone to take the Show Chair job in Grand Island-no response-if interested please contact Gary or Barb soon!!!!!
* Duke thanked everyone and Gene for all his contacts etc
* Book rooms early for next year, its easier to cancel than book late.
* CanAm Member Jim had inquired about club decals. All thought this was a great idea-inside static would be prefered, a few members will check prices and report back to the club.
*No more questions......Meeting adjourned

Welcome New members and those who renewed their membership (no particular order)

Dave & Sue Hambleton
Gregg Haskin
Terry & Dottie Bolyard
June Dick
Mark & Andrea Waters
Dave Balcerzak
Steve  Denga
Chris & Julie Marinelli
Russ Robinson
Duke Mitchell
Gregory Button
Dave Krespan
Jason Yetman
Charlie Miller
Henry  Kacala
Sam Lawrence
Todd Goodenough
Charlene Rogers
Barnie Floto
David Kuna
Andy  Steen
Dennis  Duffy
John Sobol
Steve & Georgina  Branch
Ed Hinman
Steven  Hapeman
Karl  Wilkins
Harold  Leifler
Allen  Button
Kenny  Tompkins
Michael Dugas
Steve Soles
Chuck Frame