CanAm Club Meeting Minutes

Minutes from the CanAm Chevelles Grand Island  Meeting

 It was another great CanAm show this past weekend in Grand Island! Great weather ,great food ,nice cars and great people. We held our annual club meeting . Barb has stepped down as vice –president and I would like to thank her for all the hard work she has done. If anyone wants to step in her place-we need an U.S contact. We already have many members in place doing most of the work prior to the show –we just need someone to check in at the hotel etc. making sure everything is going well. At next year’s show we will be looking for club members to help in the registration  room-probably just one shift of 2 hours would suffice. We have the hotel booked for the next 2 years. As always it will be the Friday/Saturday after the 4th of July holiday weekend. As soon as the contract is signed please book your rooms. Club updates are always available on the clubs website and our facebook page. (Thanks to Chuck frame for being our social media guy!!!!) For those who have renewed or are a new member and are waiting for their membership card-we have decided to issue a permanent card.It will have your name and member number on it .We decided to do this as to the rising costs of postage . IT may be a few months  before I have the new cards-so please be patient. As stated in previous emails for current members  your dues are due in July.Please send in your dues to Shaun –we are working on having you be able to pay online as well. The dues will be going up to $15 starting Jan 1,2015 . Please if you have changed your email can you forward that info to either Jason or myself. Please plan to attend our other show near London,Ontario August 22 and 23. It looks to be a great event-cruise Friday night –band and great food Saturday night –oh –yeah –great people and cars as well. If you can help the day of please see Gary. As stated above please renew your membership if you haven’t already and check the clubs site and our facebook page for updates.


Keep on Cruising!!!!

 Dave Rose

Welcome New members and those who renewed their membership (no particular order)