Simply put, our club is a collection of car enthusiasts and gearheads who enjoy working on, talking about, and driving these classics. They represent wide age groups and come from varying backgrounds and walks of life.

Our general area of operation is the Eastern Great Lakes on both sides of the border. Given our wide geographical area, there really won't be opportunities for meetings. After all, would you rather be out cruising or at a meeting

We are essentially set up as an 'E-Club' with communications and information relayed through this website, emails and newsletters. Plans are to arrange a couple of major get togethers each year, probably one on each side of the border.

We can also keep this site up to date on various regional events where local members could hook up. Our intention is not to stand on a lot of protocol. Members will be encouraged to volunteer their services in an area they can help.

One primary objective
To arrange two annual major Chevelle/Beaumont/Elky/Sprint Show's in our areas. These will be tagged as NORTHERN CHEVELLE GATHERING and CANADIAN CHEVELLE GATHERING. These event's will require input from all members together with 'working the event' by as many as possible.

This hobby is all about having fun and helping each other out. That is the true philosophy of this club. Thanks for dropping by and hopefully you will consider joining us.